For the last 14 years, RachnaRestores™️ (About us) has been working in the areas of clinical evidence reversal from chronic conditions across 27 countries. In 2019, we instituted our community initiatives, one of which is The Restore Awards™️. These awards recognise and reward warriors, doctors, healers, businesses and companies who work in the areas of emotional well-being, inclusiveness and mental and physical wellbeing. And every year, we take up a theme which is the need of the hour for that year. In 2019, our theme was Health Over Hospital where we spread the message of reducing the burden on hospitals and doctors via holistic lifestyles in preventing emergencies. In 2020, we raised awareness and funds for childhood cancer. In 2021, we brought forth Preventive Health & Sustainability during the pandemic.

And this year, post-pandemic, the crying need of the hour is emotional health. With each one of us having suffered and lost someone we loved during the pandemic, the scars of the last two years need to be healed why are the right physical and emotional nutrition.

Our theme for 2022 is Emotional Wellbeing for The Restore Awards™️. Our jury members are doctors, health experts, health warriors and corporate leaders of national and international repute.

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Our Esteemed Jury for The Restore Awards™️ Dec 2022 includes:

  1. Mihir Mahir, Physiotherapist, LGBTQI activist, mental health awareness for the community
  2. Dr Anoop Kumar, MD, Founder Health Revolution, Washington DC
  3. Mr Vijay Nallawalla, Founder, Bipolar India
  4. Professor Dr Raghu Raghavan, Mental Health, Demontfort, University Leicester
  5. Abby Horst Mallard, Podcaster, Health Coach & Eating Disorder Warrior (Anorexia & Bulimia)
  6. Swati Parashar, HoM, Wipro IT, 30 kilos weight loss, Body Image Warrior
  7. Dr Taruna Madan, Immunologist, ICMR
  8. Dr Mickey Mehta, Global Wellness Guru
  9. Dr Kavita Upadhyay, Psychologist, Family Counsellor

Award Categories below:

Entry is FREE. Nominate yourself or a health hero who has helped you or others in emotional wellbeing, inclusiveness and mental and physical wellbeing as a healer, warrior, doctor, chef, product or organisation.

Each winner gets a beautiful crystal trophy, a big basket of gifts and a certificate. Most importantly, each winner gets a platform to spread the message of emotional wellbeing across the world. Our awards are broadcast LIVE to 300,000 people across the world every year. And our awardees get interviewed and showcased across newspapers, magazines, social media and our website.

With that reach, the world is your stage. And you are the hero of your story. Write it well, my friend. Fill the form below to tell the universe about your wonderful work.